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What if the United States became like China!!!!

The United States criticized for its tax policies

A U.S. senator has made some interesting comments on U.S. international policy, highlighting the need for change. He criticized the attitude of wanting to impose its ideologies and way of life on other countries in the name of democracy. In his view, this approach has enabled China to gain the upper hand in many countries, because unlike them, the Chinese propose partnerships and construction projects rather than imposing their will.

There’s a sense of paternalism felt by many countries, where America seems to dictate how to live, how to marry, when to leave etc. That’s why so many people are withdrawing from the American presence. It’s important to respect people’s culture and tradition, rather than imposing stories that are not accepted. As a result, Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, was visiting Africa to promote certain laws without taking into account African responsibilities, culture and tradition.

A while ago, Linda Greenfield, an American senator, went to Africa and declared in a speech: “He who is not with us is against us”. With these words, the senator stated that anyone who did not support the West in its dispute with Russia would be considered an enemy. Any partnership, cooperation or exchange with Russia will be sanctioned.

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Resistance to Americans has consequences

However, many countries have resisted American influence, such as Uganda’s president, who withdrew from the American presence and refused to comply with their demands to legalize homosexuality; he then banned the export of Ugandan uranium. In response, the U.S. took strict measures, imposing visa restrictions and cancelling HIV donations to Uganda. This shows that resistance to US taxation can have negative consequences for the countries concerned.

The adoption of a lighter US policy towards other nations

China’s achievements in Africa

The United States needs to change its international policy to be welcomed by other countries. Kindness, understanding and cooperation would be more effective approaches to attracting countries to coalesce around the United States.

For example, China has built infrastructure, railways and roads in Kenya, Ethiopia and even Nigeria, and offers economic partnerships without imposing strict conditions. What’s more, it offered a platform to the African Union that was equipped with cameras and microphones, enabling them to keep abreast of African projects. Compared with the American approach, it would be wiser for the United States to adopt a more similar policy to win the trust and respect of other nations, rather than imposing sanction policies. When people live in fear, they inevitably look for alternative ways to get rid of you, and it’s exactly this feeling of fear that the United States propagates through its policies.

It’s worth remembering that these statements were made by a U.S. senator, which lends added weight and breadth to his comments. Many countries around the world have already faced situations where they have felt obliged to make decisions contrary to their own interests and traditions as a result of American taxation. However, to avoid such situations in the future, the senator recommends a change in international policy on the part of the United States for smoother cooperation.

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