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The West recruits Africans to fight in Ukraine: A sad irony of history

The West recruits for Ukraine. When war breaks out, it’s only natural to look for alternative ways of overcoming it. So the West is recruiting for Ukraine, mainly through promotions on British websites. They need the Africans this time. Some time ago, we didn’t want any Africans. We used to say: “They’ll be relocated to Rwanda in case of sudden difficulties”, but now they’re welcome. So, in an advert, they are inviting citizens of the Middle East and North Africa to take part in a voluntary program to help Ukraine. Qualified candidates must be military specialists in good health and psychologically fit. Once selected, they will be deployed to take part in a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Specific conditions for this recruitment

It’s important to note that recruitment is aimed at citizens of the Middle East and North Africa, not the whole of Africa. This voluntary program will be remunerated. Participants must be military specialists in good health and psychologically fit. They must also understand the risks and waive any claims in the event of a problem.

The employment contract will pay up to $24,000, but it’s not specified whether this is per month or for the entire duration of the job. After expiry of the contract and verification of compliance with requirements, accelerated citizenship in the UK and EU is guaranteed.

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Tensions run high over measures

It is vital to note that the UK is the second largest donor to Ukraine, having committed up to £4.9 billion in military assistance. This recruitment program is therefore a British military program. Britain has welcomed Ukrainians in the past, and some Ukrainians have settled with British citizens with financial motivation.

However, there have been tensions recently, with some Ukrainians unhappy with the presence of large numbers of Muslims and blacks in their neighborhoods in the UK. Despite this, the West continues to recruit Africans and people from the Middle East and North Africa to fight in Ukraine.

This situation reminds us of the story of John Chilembwe, a pastor in Malawi during the First World War. He refused to take part in a war that didn’t concern him, and for which the belligerents were forcibly recruiting. He encouraged his people to rise up against the colonizer. He was a true model of leadership, demonstrating that the role of a pastor is not only to preach forgiveness or humility, but also to give direction and challenge government when necessary.

To life and death

This is very sad, because in reality, some Africans have already left to fight in Ukraine, some for money and others in the hope of being released from prison. One example is Nemes Raymond Tarimo, a 30-year-old man from Tanzania who fought for Russia in Ukraine and returned home lifeless. In the hope of being released from prison, he went to fight for the “Wagner” group, accompanied by a 23-year-old Zambian; both were students. Sadly, their homeland could only welcome back their lifeless bodies.

It’s a sad situation, because even when it comes to fighting, they don’t want Africans.

So, what do you think?

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